Air Freight & Jet Charter for Airline Support – AOG & Crew Positioning

The success of a modern airline depends not only on the business model airline chooses but also on the capabilities to manage IROPs (Irregular Operations). That is when air freight service and jet charter might be the most effective solution. Nature of IROP could be something obvious like an unserviceable plane or bad weather or something more inconspicuous like a sick call from a flight attendant the night before or a pilot`s duty day issue. Usually, people within the Operation Control Center of the airline deal with IROPs, and the success of their work is measured by the relation of money spent to recover from particular IROP and customer satisfaction. The best IROP recovery for any airline is the minimum amount of time spent with the least financial losses.

One of the most severe IROPs impacting airline operation and schedule is AOG. It is crucial for the airline to quickly identify the nature of AOG and allocate all necessary resources to eliminate the problem. AOG Management is the term becoming more popular in the aviation industry today and more companies create departments and hire dedicated people even though AOG Management is not required by international regulations. The main responsibility of the AOG manager or AOG desk within the airline is to get the supply of necessary parts or services for aircraft in the AOG situation as soon as possible. 

Key Jet understands the crucial role of time during AOG recovery and ready to support the airlines by working closely with its operations staff to deliver the required parts in a timely manner and help the airlines to get back to business with minimum losses.

Another area of KeyJet’s expertise in airline support is Crew Movements. Having aircraft in great shape is not enough. The airline has to have the right people in the right place as well. Usually, Roaster Planners and Crew Scheduling deal with it on a daily basis, but we are talking about IROPs now. KeyJet can provide the best solutions for moving the flight crew, maintenance crew, or Go-Teams to a specific place within the shortest possible period of time. 

We are happy to share our expertise and knowledge with the airlines and help them to support their time-sensitive day-to-day operation. Contact us for an air freight service as well as a jet charter quote and we will get back to you with the best solution as soon as possible. 

Private Jet Travel – Celebrities & VIP

In modern days private jet travel is a necessity for a variety of people and the only way they get around the world. Privacy and security as well as the ability to move fast are among the top reasons why people choose private jets as a means of transportation.

Celebrities and public figures like entertainers, athletes work really hard to cultivate their reputation. They are also human beings and like all of us, they need rest to deal with depression, stress, or anxiety. Despite that, paparazzi and yellow tabloids are notorious for stalking and chasing celebrities in order to make commercial use. Although many countries set up laws to protect privacy, sometimes it is hard to draw the line between intrusion of privacy and free press. 

Key Jet Charter is known for respecting our customer’s privacy. We arrange private charters for our clients all around the world making sure that their trips stay unrevealed to the public. We accomplish this level of privacy by working closely with our partners in the air and on the ground. Private lounges at the airports, secured shuttle services from terminals to the airplanes, limousine pick-ups and drop-offs are some of the extra services that enhance the privacy and security of our guests. 

In addition, to all privacy and security measures travel with Key Jet is also stylish and luxurious. We fulfill the requirements of our customers in a way to have them back flying with us again and again. Personalized entertainment experience onboard, catering of your choice, and flight crew speaking your language is not the full list of our services available. 

Contact one of our specialists today for a private jet charter quote for your celebrity or VIP and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the best-personalized solution.

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Private Jet Charter for Corporate Travel

Private Jet Charter is an integral part of the corporate business world, so at Key Jet we value time because it is the most important asset of busy highly skilled professionals!

We know it is important to be able to arrive at the airport, get on a plane, and fly – rather than having to navigate through a busy terminal for a fixed flight time. Time savings come at the airports on each end when you fly private, including quick check-ins and faster transit times.

Maximize the number of meetings or site visits per day in different cities, or save time and conduct a meeting 36,000 feet above sea level.

Our team operates to meet your schedule and ensure complete safety and comfort for the duration of the journey whether you need to fly from New York to Beijing or from London to Dubai.

Key Jet will arrange ground transportation for the passengers to get to the airport and to the meeting location, so you don’t have to think about the logistics of your business travel!

Invest your time to increase company efficiency while we work to move you around the globe!

Contact us for a time-efficient private jet charter quote to meet your business travel schedule worldwide!

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