Role of Air Charter Service in North America Cargo Sector

Role of air charter service in Canadian and North American industry. 

Transportation of freight by air is necessary for many industries and services. Air mode gives us confidence in the security of our goods, low risk of damage, high speed of transportation. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the U.S. Department of Transportation Air mode, each year carries approximately 4 percent of all goods among USMCA members. 

However, such small numbers for Air are reasonable, as the Canadian main trade partner in the USA, and almost all trade with them is conducted by trucks and rail. If we look at Canadian trade on a global scale, the role of Air transport raises. In 2015, Canadian and foreign air carriers loaded and unloaded an estimated 1.2 million tonnes of freight at Canadian airports. The value of Canada’s international air cargo trade in 2015 amounted to $128.1 billion. That is 15 percent of all other modes of transport.

Airports in North America became an integrated part of the supply chain moving goods from market to market. Manufacturing goods entering Canada from abroad (such as machinery and electronics) was the primary driving force in developing of Canadian air cargo sector. Then with the growth in demand for online products, as well as the provision of increasingly rapid delivery times, e-commerce started to play a larger role for the air cargo sector in Canada. Global manufacturing activity driven by e-commerce activities is also expected to increase, placing additional importance for air cargo moving products internationally.

Uniqueness of transportation by air. 

Air mode is relatively expensive mode of transportation. However, companies that try to reach JIT (Just In Time) culture in their supply chain, level off transportation costs by keeping less inventory, having fast market responsiveness, and creating better customer value. Air mode allows delivering goods fast with a low probability of delays. Order placement-shipment-payment cycle is very fast in Air mode and last days. In other modes, it is way longer (marine could last months). Moreover, customs processes are simpler in Air mode, the cost of insurance is lower as well. 

There are hundreds of examples, which shows us Air mode as the only one mean to transport. It is even hard to imagine how many lives were saved thanks to the fast delivery of huge pumps from Germany to Japan after the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. Such delivery was possible only by Air and by one aircraft in the world.

Ukrainian company “Antonov Airlines” and Russian company “Volga Dnepr Airlines” have a unique fleet of ultra-heavy aircraft. These aircraft do not have any competitors around the world and from day to day save lives by transporting medicine, machinery and humanitarian aid around the globe, where road, rail and even marine transport cannot reach.

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