Humanitarian Relief Freight Forwarding & The Logistics of Disaster Response

Humanitarian aid logistics and relief freight forwarding specialize in organizing the delivery of supplies during natural disasters or complex emergencies to the affected areas and people.

Transport is key in mobilizing supplies to help emergency humanitarian assistance reach impacted regions. Key Jet’s team understands the importance of finding efficient solutions on short notice when flying to a disaster area. Our clients get emergency airlift in a matter of hours whenever in the world because it is essential to cover the initial needs in the immediate aftermath of any disaster.

Air charter response allows us to get to remote destinations as well as to come closer to the area of operations, even if it is a high altitude located village in the mountains or an island country.

We can also perform air dropping activities in emergency situations per client requirement.

Our strategic humanitarian aid team works with emergency management agencies, health organizations, United Nations, World Food Programme, and other NGO’s in order to support countries in securing supplies and equipment needed to fight ongoing natural or health disasters by providing relief flights.

We are here to locate an aircraft available based on the level of urgency, and geographical characteristics of affected zones.  We can also assist with the vital coordination of emergency supplies distribution.

Contact one of our specialists today for a time-sensitive charter quote for air freight forwarding operations to deliver humanitarian aid and relief goods worldwide!

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Key Jet is an air charter broker. Key Jet is not an aircraft operator, a direct or indirect air carrier and is not in operational control of aircraft. Flights will be operated by a direct air carrier (or direct foreign air carrier), which will have operational control of the aircraft. Key Jet services are provided in accordance with 14 CFR Part 295 requirements.

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